Not sure how to use Smoked Seasonings and Salts?

Smoked Seasonings and Salts are incredibly versatile and can be used in nearly any recipe. Here's a few suggestions. Feel free to send us your recipes and photos, we love to see and hear how our products are used. We will even send you back a coupon code.

We now have recipe cards available at our physical sales with plans for a cookbook.


Can't grill? Don't have a grill? Too lazy to light the grill (my usual problem)? Simply add smoked salt, or for an added flavor use an infused salt.

Before cooking: let it rest in the fridge overnight for a deep flavor infusion. 

During cooking: Add to the meat and save the juices for a smoky au jus. 

After cooking: Sprinkle sparingly on your food for a BBQ flavor.


A sprinkle of Smoked Garlic Salt, Smoked Garlic, Smoked Minced Garlic, or Red Wine Smoked Sea Salt will elevate your vegetables providing a savory kick that will remind you of grilled vegetables straight off the BBQ.

Add some Smoked Crushed Red Pepper or Smoked Jalapeno directly to your pan when cooking the veggies.


We got our start in smoking with cheeses. That giant ball of fire in the sky here in Arizona makes it difficult to effectively smoke our traditional cheddars and jacks, but our smoked cream cheeses are usually the life of any party. You can do the same indoors any time by gently brushing olive oil on a block of cream cheese, sprinkling it with our Smoked Taco Seasoning, and warming in the oven at 200F for approximately 1-2 hours. 

No, it won't melt.



Most people think that a salad is simply lettuce and other veggies cut into small bits and dropped in a bowl and drenched with dressings. While this may taste good, it won't taste great. In a high end restaurant you'll usually find a gentle sprinkle of seasonings such as any of our booze-infused salts added to a salad lightly tossed with a minimum of dressing, just enough to make the seasonings stick. Especially fantastic with vinaigrettes. 

Want a bit more kick? Try sprinkling in some of our Sriracha Smoked Sea Salt.


Warm nuts (stop giggling) are fantastic. There's nothing quite like fresh roasted nuts straight out of the oven. Toss the nuts with olive oil and then sprinkle on some Smoked Garlic Salt, or our Pink Himalayan Sea Salt and Crushed Red Pepper blend.

Roast in the oven in a foil pan or springform pan at 250F for approximately 2 hours if you started with raw nuts, or 1 hour for pre-roasted nuts.


We all wake up craving delicious breakfast foods at some point. Nothing makes a nice relaxing Sunday like a heaping plate of biscuits and gravy or eggs benedict and roasted potatoes.

Nothing ruins a relaxing Sunday morning like spending 3 hours making that breakfast.

Whip up your favorite gravy and mix in some Hickory Smoked Minced Garlic.
Sprinkle some or our Smoked Paprika on to your eggs benedict.

Toss your roasted potatoes with the Original Smoked Sea Salt or Smoked Sea Salt Blend.

Or add some Tabasco Infused Smoked Sea Salt, Habanero Smoked Sea Salt, or Jalapeno Smoked Sea Salt to your eggs.


Seafood and citrus will be forever linked, some savory and acidic notes are a great way to bring out the flavor of most fish. Sprinkle some Lemon Infused Salt on top of your sushi, or perhaps add a hint of lime to your grilled salmon plank with a dash of our Lime Infused Sea Salt.


Rim the glass of your favorite cocktail with a sweet fruit infused sugar, or a savory infused salt.

Mix a bit of a fruit infused sugar into tea or lemonade. A little goes a long way.

Like smoked cocktails? Add a bit of smoked rimming salt in to your beverage or use it to rim your glass for the same effect.

Looking for a savory and spicy addition to your bloody mary? Try some spicy infused salt.

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