Our love of smoked foods began with a $25 second-hand electric smoker back in 2012. Since then, we have experimented and developed an extensive appreciation for fine smoked foods including nuts, meats, cheeses, and our extensive line of seasonings and salts. 

Due to storage requirements for perishable foods, we only sell our seasonings and salts online. Salts and seasonings require no refrigeration, they may be stored at room temperature for years in some cases with no loss of quality. Some seasonings will weaken over longer periods of time, and some may become stronger. Some wood smoke varieties may become bitter with age.

We value simplicity, functionality,  and quality. As clearly shown in our no-frills labeling and designs. This also helps us keep costs as low as possible.

Occasionally you may find our products for sale in retail establishments, or outdoor markets for lower prices than found online. This is due to the costs associated with payment processing, shipping, website hosting and development, and other costs associated with operating online.

We are based in the Arizona desert, but you will often find us exploring the world in search of new ingredients and recipes. Our seasonings are famous all over the United States, and even as far away as India and Australia.

Our Process

What makes Smoked unique?

A common question we get is: Can I do this myself at home in my smoker? Yes, you can make something that may come close. There are many website that tell you to put salt in a disposable foil tray and add smoke. While this will produce a small quantity of smoky salt, you will quickly learn that this method has serious drawbacks.

At Smoked, we have invested thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars creating processes and tools which enable clean and even infusions of smoke and other flavors. Without revealing our proprietary tools and processes, our completely custom configurations solve the problems associated with maintaining proper temperature, humidity, and uneven smoke dispersal.

The main thing that ruins smoked foods and seasonings is creosote. Creosote is a dark, sappy, and bitter tasting chemical compound containing high levels of monophenol's, guaiacol, creosol, and many other things most of us cannot pronounce. This is the same stuff that builds up in your chimney and requires it to be cleaned periodically. 

Our custom smoke filtering and distribution system captures the majority of creosote before the smoke reaches our products. This results in a lighter color and cleaner flavor. 



Our Smokers

Completely Custom and Purpose-built

Consumer grade smokers have become common place, and we even have one we use to make brisket on a regular basis, they will consistently and easily produce an adequate product. We hear all the time "I made (insert food) on my (insert brand smoker) the other day". That's great, and we do that ourselves all the time, throw some meat on a shelf and turn it on, what's not to like? 

If you're looking for a home smoker that will make delicious foods, we recommend Pit Boss. In our extensive testing of commercial smokers we found Pit Boss to have the best consistency, stability, quality, ease of use, ease of cleaning, and overall the best flavor. It also doesn't hurt that Pit Boss is often half the price of other over-hyped brands. 

Along with smokers, we are regularly asked about pellet choices, we have found one variety that works on every meat product we tested with: Cookin Pellets Perfect Mix. Use these pellets in a Pit Boss and you will get consistently good brisket, pulled pork, roasts, tri-tip and other things that are suddenly making me very hungry.

Nothing commercially available today solved the problems we at Smoked found with our testing, so we made our own.

Starting with commercial off-the-shelf smokers which created good enclosures, we started experimenting. What we have today doesn't even remotely resemble the original commercial products we started with. We added humidifiers, dehumidifiers, exhaust fans, intake fans, variable smoke chambers, temperature monitoring and controls, cooling systems for cold smoking, custom filtration systems, heat transfer configurations, and more. 

Our smokers enable us to use multiple sources of heat and smoke from multiple fuels either independently or at the same time. We can use logs, wood chips, pellets, gas heat, electric heat, and even solar. Our heat sources are separate from the smoke chambers. We transfer the heat to the product, not the byproducts. So if we use gas heat, the pollutants in the gas do not come in contact with the food, they are vented separately. 

When it comes to our smoke, we customize every aspect of our woods, from size and form all the way to moisture content. All of these unique components we have engineered enable us to produce consistent and delicious products which will elevate your food.




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